Milano Restaurants International

Milano Restaurants International

Me-n-Ed’s has been a client of JSA’s since the beginning of the pizza price wars in 2010. Since then, JSA has helped this popular chain of over 50 pizza parlors increase pizza sales from 35,000 pizzas a week to over 65,000. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of pizza—slow motion pizza, pizza billboards, pizza memes and pizza photoshoots, in which it’s someone’s actual job to intermittently blot the grease off the pizza as if it were Leonardo DiCaprio on a movie set.

Anyway, after pizza came more pizza. In 2016, JSA helped Milano launch a new concept called Blast & Brew that features quick-fired pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads and self-serve beer and wine taps. This chain now has over 20 stores open or in the process of being opened in Sacramento, Cupertino, San Jose, Phoenix, Austin, San Luis Obispo, Huntington Beach, Fresno and Clovis.

For all Milano Restaurants International franchises, including Blast 825 Taproom and Pizza del Pane, JSA handles every aspect of their branding and marketing including TV, Radio, Digital Advertisements, Direct Mail, Collateral Material, In-store Signage, Social Media, Franchise Recruitment and Qualitative and Quantitative Research.


Me-n-Ed's mobile order
Me-n-Ed's mobile order
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Me-n-Ed's Mobile order
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Blast & Brew

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Blast & Brew Old Town Clovis
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Blast & Brew menu
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Coney Island

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