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Posted: August 28, 2017 by Chloe Quintana

The funny thing about agency life is that everyone pours in between 8 and 9a.m. still carrying the weekend on their face in the form of heavy baggage under their eyes—me included. If you’re sitting up here, on the second floor, the only sound being made is the manic tap-tap-tapping of keys on keyboards. From the naturally chatty bunch (the account managers, executives and our social media team) downstairs, the echoes of stories from the weekend and talk of new projects bounce off the walls and travel upwards like a pinball machine. I can already tell it’s gonna be a busy week.

I’m still settling in, springing between departments and trying to turn my shy girl clean hands into grubby ones. Intern tip number one: always ask for work to do or to lend a helping hand. That’s how I got myself the opportunity to draft up some Facebook posts for the social media team—a job I thought I’d be able to handle because I’m a millennial and we post MCM (Man Crush Monday), Taco Tuesday, WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday), Fun Friday and Selfie Sunday without hesitation every week. Would doing it for a business be much harder?

The answer is yes.

Here’s what I learned about how to manage social media content:

Start with a plan. The social media team creates a calendar for each month with 29-30 days’ worth of posts PRIOR to them ever being posted. That’s dedication. A couple topics —like Throwback Thursday—can be used from week-to-week to make it easier to map out posts.

Know your hashtag holidays. The team is hyper-aware of holidays (especially ones that do well on social media like the recent #NationalDogDay) and local events, and can always find a way to use them for client content or promotions.

Burn the plan. Quick thinking is everything. The social media team is responsive to trends and always ready to make content on the drop of a dime to keep client accounts current, and to stay engaged with their followers.

Make sure it’s working. We use analytics tools to find out which days and times our clients’ audience is most active online, and to continuously monitor the performance of their posts and campaigns.

To say the least, there are some businesses that are more challenging than others to write a social media post for. It’s like taking a selfie and sitting there for five or ten minutes trying to come up with the perfect caption before posting to Instagram. In the end, you just slap the pizza emoji on it and move on with your day.

Speaking of moving on with my day, I’m going to cut myself off here before I start rambling. Social media tells me that short and sweet is the way to go—so I’m off to write some more posts.


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