The Most of 2017

Posted: January 3, 2018 by Angela Corbett


If Jeffrey Scott were a man, he would consider himself a man with the mostest. Having the mostest doesn’t mean having the most things, it means feeling the most satisfied, seeing the glass mostly full and making the most of every opportunity. And we’ve truly had a most-full 2017. Most especially because of you.

Here are our top ten “mosts” of 2017:

1. Got the most social media views in JSA history – We got 93 Million impressions with The EECU Derek Carr Campaign. Yes. Million.

2. Had the most train rides in the history of JSA – We traveled over 1,000 miles by track to create captivating campaigns for Amtrak San Joaquins. (And we used it for business meetings from Bakersfield to Sacramento to Oakland. It’s great. You should try it.)

3. Ate the most pizza at a commercial shoot – How many pizzas does it take to shoot a Me-n-Ed’s commercial? Enough to feed a whole building. Here’s one of our favorites.

4. Had the most dancers in a commercial ever – Watch Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino’s musical “Fun for Life” video below.

5. Had the most people (and most events) we’ve ever hosted in this building – An event for Coach Tedford, a Party for the Parkway, the Downtown Academy – not to mention 10 ArtHop events. That means literally thousands of people came through our front doors.

Year in ReviewYear in Review

Year in Review

6. Drank the most craft beer (We think. 2015 was a fairly impressive year for us too!) – We continued Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company’s Craft Out Loud campaign with a video series featuring the local crafts of Engleman Cellars, Iron Copper Bronze, Fire Squad, Metal Mark and more.

7. Used the most gold foil in a printed piece ever – Our shiny Emanuel Medical Center’s 100 Year Celebration invite is below.

Year in Review

8. Rolled out quite possibly our most controversial campaign – While we’ve created our share of what some folks might deem “questionable advertising,” our cat-human hybrid billboards for HOPE Animal Foundation definitely turned some heads. But hey, the first rule of advertising is to get folks attention right?

Year in Review

9. Created the most brands and identity packages. Creating a new or re-tooled brand is like giving birth to a child. Except it’s not as messy. Or painful. Hopefully.

Year in Review

10. Took the most walks down Fulton Street – With the re-opening of historic Fulton Street, JSAers spent more time strolling the street than ever before, and gladly helped with the Fulton Street opening party graphics and outreach. (We may be biased, but isn’t Fulton everyone’s favorite street?)

Year in Review



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