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Sounds Like a Good Deal!

Posted: April 27, 2018 by Angela Corbett




Google and Target just released the first voice-enabled coupon, for Google Assistant.

The coupon was to “raise awareness” for a Google Express feature that allows customers to complete “hands-free purchases.”

By simply saying “Spring into Target” to Google Assistant, customers got a $15 dollar offer.

Is this starting to feel too much like the WALL-E future where we don’t have to do anything other than consume? Maybe. But you have to admit — it is convenient.

I’m an avid Amazon “one-click” buyer, and enjoy that my Apple Watch tells me exactly when my Starbucks order is ready. In fact, I have routines like that timed down to the actual second, which is pretty efficient if you ask me.

And honestly, no. At this point, I don’t care if the government is watching me. If they are, I’m sure they’re very, very bored.

But I digress.

Audio coupons are the kind of gimmicky thing that don’t seem like they’re going to take off, but really, neither did Twitter, and look where we are now.

The fact that this is making news right now is great, too, because usually when trends pop up, and then subsequently get reported on, it’s already too late. You run up to find out that the bandwagon is full, and so is the bandwagon behind that one, and the bandwagon behind that, too. Sorry. Better luck next time.

But since this coupon is, well, literally the first of its kind, we’re in uncharted territory. (Like, machete in the woods uncharted.) Nobody really knows how big this thing could get, but since Amazon looks like it’s in talks to do the same thing, it’s probably going to become industry standard.

I mean, what’s a better, more resounding endorsement than a wad of that sweet, sweet Bezos money?

Sure. There’s no reliable way of predicting the future — but I always prefer to be ahead of the proverbial curve. If anything, it ends up being a fun bit of pop-culture trivia that makes me moderately enjoyable at parties.

Basically, this is the cutting-est of edges right now, and if anything, we here at Jeffrey Scott love to try new things. And considering we’ve got our very own, in-house audio production studio, smart speaker ads seem right up our alley.

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