The One With the List — Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: November 22, 2017 by Angela Corbett

Happy Thanksgiving JSA fam!

Maybe we’re not your typical family—and maybe we put the “fun” in dysfunctional, but we’re glad to be sharing a table with you, like so many in-laws and weird cousins. So, in honor of the holiday, here’s what we’re thankful for.

Personally, your humble narrator is thankful for cold brew, good lipstick, this fancy advertising job here at Jeffrey Scott (so I never have to work a Black Friday ever again!), and the fact that my wonderful family here at JSA thinks I’m talented enough to be moved into Creative. (That’s right folks, I’m the real deal now. No more of that bootleg writing you had to deal with before.)

But enough about me—let’s see what everyone else is thankful for:

Alex Garcia, Social Media Manager: Alex isn’t in the office right now, but she’s thankful that she’s in Paris for Thanksgiving! She’s also thankful for The Boy Who Lived.

Moose the Dog, Office Mascot: Moose is really, really thankful for treats.

Emmalie Castro, Social Media Coordinator: “Look, I don’t want to be the jerk that doesn’t say ‘family,’ but like, my iPhone is literally my most prized possession.”

Kerry Sabbatini, Media Buyer, former Production Manager: “I’m thankful for our new production manager, Patricia, wine, my amazing family, my awesome taste in friends… and did I mention wine?”

Craig Cook, Copy Writer, Interim Production Manager: “I’m ALSO thankful for Patricia, and I’m thankful for Kerry stealing what I was going to say I was thankful for.”

Julie Garcia, Digital Media Buyer: “I’m thankful for my dishwasher (husband), and the two lunatics that live in my house (my kids).”

Linda Sommers, Media Buyer: “I’m thankful for Kerry, and whatshername (Julie).”

Lauren Ruh, Promotional Events Manager: “I’m thankful for glue guns, Pinterest and Amazon Prime. Oh!…and my dog.”

Shantel Maiorana, Controller: “I’m thankful for my family, my work family, my health, and my friends.”

Jennifer Seita, Account Manager: “I am thankful for health and the enormous amount of love I’m surrounded by every day—and candy. I’m super thankful for candy.”

Patricia Popescu, (our brand new!) Production Manager: “I’m thankful for the opportunity to make everyone at JSA my new family! Also, Craig and Kerry!”

(Author’s Note: And we’re so thankful for YOU Patricia! Please see Kerry and Craig’s answers!)

Art Pineda, Head Web Developer: “I’m thankful for my $25 Uber gift card (a JSA birthday gift) that I will definitely be using this weekend after I party with my friend Jose Cuervo. Also I’m thankful Elvis is back, and for Kiku, ‘cause she helps me out.”

(Author’s Note: Aw! Thanks Art!)

Montanna Tilton, Web Developer (and our newest staffer. Welcome!): “I’m thankful for indoor plumbing, my cat, my family, our proximity to national parks, Spotify, good books, good teachers, good coffee, and you. <3”

Chris Orozco, Graphic Designer: “I’m thankful that they moved my desk to the center of the office so I’m not getting sunburned all the time. I’m also thankful for Art’s lame jokes.”

Elvis Camerena, Graphic Designer: “I’m thankful for my family, both at home and at work.”

Duran Hernandez, Graphic Designer: “I’m thankful for my family.”

Angela Corbett, Copy Writer: “Women—friends, writers, bosses and moms. Books. Fresno. And this kick ass agency, of course.”

Kevin Dakin, Graphic Designer: “I’m thankful for a freshly-charged Magic Mouse and that Jeffrey Scott guy.”

Loic Ferdinandi, Graphic Designer (from our satellite office in Texas): “I’m grateful for my family and the ability to sit and watch a full marathon of Cowboy Bebop ’til the sun don’t shine.”

Suzanne Davis, Art Director: “I am thankful for the brave men and women of this country who sacrifice their lives every day so that we, as Americans, enjoy freedoms unheard of in other countries. I am ever so grateful and God bless you all.”

Jessie Irwin, Creative Director: “I’m thankful that this is a female dominated ad agency. I’m also thankful for moms.”

Vince Warner, Director of Audio Production: “I’m thankful for Sabrina.” (His daughter)

Sabrina Warner, Office Cuteness Factor: According to Vince, she’s thankful for all of us. How sweet!

Sarah Pruner-Gunlund, Director of Public Relations: “My two little boys and the pure joy (and sometimes chaos) of motherhood.” 

Cat Figura, Director of Media Services and Operations: “Thankful for God, my family, Jeffrey Scott and especially WINE!”

Cynthia Fidel, Director of Client Services and Digital Services: “I’m thankful for a full belly and Black Friday!”

Bruce Batti, President & CEO: “I am thankful that folks still laugh at my attempt at humor. Even though their reaction is not so much a belly-laugh anymore—seems like it’s more of a chortle or a guffaw now. Some might even say it’s a snicker or a light giggle. Wait a second. Could it be what I’m experiencing is really just a sympathy chuckle? Somebody just humoring me with courtesy cackle? Seriously? Is this what my attempt at humor has devolved into? Well, let me say this about that. I’m good with it. Yep. In fact, I’m better than just good with it—dare I say I’m THANKFUL.” 

Wendy Batti, CFO: “I’m thankful for my staff and the fact that every day they walk through the door, they give us 110%. The work they do makes us, Jeffrey Scott, who we are. They really are the best of the best.”

And as usual, nobody can top Wendy, so we’ll end on her note.

ALL of us here at JSA are thankful for you, whether you’re a client, a family member, or just someone who follows us for the heck of it! We really wouldn’t be where we are without you, and we totally know that.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you on Monday!

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