Organic Reach

Like Disco, Organic Reach is Dead.

Posted: January 19, 2018 by Angela Corbett


Not to sound like that one really, too-old-to-be-there guy at a punk show, but it really sucks when things go corporate. It’s ironic to be working in Advertising, and bemoaning the fact that things are getting too commercial, but thus is the folly of man.

Or something.

The point is—Social Media has grown up, and it’s not working for free anymore.

Organic reach is defined by Forbes as the “percentage of followers who see company updates that aren’t ‘boosted’ with ad money.”

Recently “organic reach” has been dipping as low as 2%, and Facebook is looking to phase out organic reach for brands completely. In fact, one might even say that organic reach is dead. God save organic reach.

It started with Instagram—shedding its chronological format for an algorithm that shows you content that you’re more likely to engage with. Then, of course, Instagram started pushing “suggested” posts from other people (erm, brands) that pay to make it on to your timeline.

Aside from the morbid imagery of something being dead, this idea is scary because it’s estimated that 51% of companies struggle with a lack of a social media budget.

Maybe your client thinks that social media isn’t worth the investment, but this isn’t a negation anymore, it’s a necessity. Two billion people (read: one third of the planet) are estimated to be using social media—and teenagers—or future consumers are spending up to nine hours a day on social media.

Reaching these people is important. Social media is the new Focus Group. By having a strong social media reach and a capable social media manager to monitor accounts, brands can react almost immediately to new trends, leverage conversations happening about the brand or maybe even adjacent to the brand, and even improve customer care.

And customer care is another vital part of customer engagement, because customers are now empowered to call out brands on social media for the world to see. And 81% of customers do believe that social media has increased accountability for brands.

So going into 2018, think about that. And if one of your resolutions was to up your social media game in 2018, consider us like a personal trainer. We’ll get you fit.

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