Jeffrey Shot: Filming One of Our Biggest Commercials of the Year

Posted: August 21, 2017 by Chloe Quintana

I pulled into the parking lot of Windsong Productions at 7:45 a.m. expecting to see every spot taken, backdrops being lugged into the warehouse, a stern voice yelling, “fifteen minutes ‘til show time, people!”

As I exited my car, the only noises were the pebbles grinding under my shoes while pivoting towards the door and breathy whispers of a man and woman in deep conversation at the edge of the parking lot. In the semi-abandoned areas of Downtown Fresno, there’s silence. There’s also a huge white warehouse hidden behind a chain link fence dressed in ivy that’s used for film shoots. Who would have known?

This past weekend, myself and another intern were invited to a commercial shoot for a client. The experience is one that most people won’t get. What was supposed to be an hour-long peek into the production turned into five that included steaming clothes, going on the hunt for a navy-blue pencil skirt, and taking in the (organized) chaos around us. It was legit.

There were three different sets within the building, dressing rooms, makeup artists that frequently dusted the faces of each actor to keep them looking fresh, and snacks. Oh, the snacks.

But I digress.

While I can’t reveal the specifics, I can say that the stars were brothers that are not only stars on camera but on the field, too. Any guesses?

It was a day to remember, especially getting to see our Creative Director, Jessie Irwin, in action.  In one, extremely long and hurdling day, JSA filmed not one spot, but five! And this was accomplished with painstaking preparation; scheduling the day down to the minute, blocking out every shot and figuring out things like lighting and talent positioning days before, and writing out all physical and verbal alternatives (comedic and otherwise) in the scripts to make sure there was more than enough material to play with on the day of the shoot. The creative team didn’t leave a single second up to chance.

And after working the entire shoot day from start-to-finish, plus finally putting all the meticulously crafted prep work (wardrobe, shot list, props, and every other miniscule detail you can dream) behind them, it was rewarding and a relief once it was a wrap. I’m sure people hugged. They chest-bumped. They snap-chatted their cheers. And now we can stop finding chunks of Jessie’s fiery red locks scattered throughout the office. Just kidding, Jessie.

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