Posted: October 13, 2017 by Angela Corbett



Hopefully we’re not being too forward,

But we like you.

A lot.

Don’t think we don’t see you – reading our blogs, liking our posts, sharing our really cool, nationally acclaimed commercials.

But we totally get it, too. Picking an Agency is a commitment. You don’t want to rush things, and neither do we. We want to make sure the timing is right. If we’re being a little romantic, we want to make sure all the stars are aligned, too.

So we’re opening up to you, and getting a little vulnerable. We want to get to know you, but more importantly, we want you to get to know us.

We hope that this infographic, carefully crafted by talent extraordinaire Duran Hernandez, gives you a better idea of who the eff Jeffery Scott is, and what he can do for you.

And hey, no pressure. But if you like us, if you really, really like us, we’ll slip our contact info to you. All you have to do is ask.

We think this could be the start of something really special.


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