Giving It All We’ve Scott

Posted: August 14, 2017 by Chloe Quintana

There are just not enough hours in the day at JSA.

It was chaotic in the creative department this week. Deadlines here, commercial prep there, and did an F-bomb drop somewhere? I heard deep sighs coming from a group of three huddled around a computer, like someone needed something RIGHT THEN, at the same time everyone else did. Was that panic in the air, or just everyone’s triple-strength prescription deodorant working over drive? Both? Apparently, this is nothing new. This just meant they strapped on their Camelbak filled with 100 shots of espresso, draped a sweat towel over one shoulder and got down to business.

In the midst of all of this, I found myself helping find outfit ideas for an upcoming commercial shoot. I love anything to do with fashion; any opportunity that simulates the act of shopping gets my palms twitching. Relentless in my pursuit of the perfect outfits, I raked through Pinterest like it was my job (which it was).

Scroll, scroll, scroll, click, scroll…

I noted three things:
1. The creative department is free to get as creative as they can with many of their projects.
2. Dudes these days wear really tight pants.
3. For a 30-SECOND commercial, I spent HOURS spinning through a black hole of man jeggings and hobo tees! A LOT goes into a shoot.

Prior to this, I never gave pre-production planning any thought. It’s only 30 seconds after all. Thirty seconds to convey a message in a way that won’t have you gouging your eyes out with the nearest object and RUINING your evening viewing of The Bachelor.

Just think about it. I can’t even tell my story in the 140 characters allowed on Twitter and they’ve got half a minute to tell theirs? It’s crazy if you ask me!

Next week, I’m heading to the shoot to see how it goes down. Until then, I’ll be pulling some more outfit inspo while watching the Scott show. Don’t worry, I’ve got my popcorn.

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