Posted: August 7, 2017 by Chloe Quintana

A totally unnecessary 4 a.m. wakeup call, sticky palms and a lump of excitement sat in my throat—a “first day on the job” reaction we’re all too familiar with. I was having my own Elle Woods moment, but in Fresno and at Jeffrey Scott Agency, instead of Harvard. Somehow, a management girl landed in the advertising world. Maybe the two weren’t eons apart but for me, it was walking into uncharted territory. Dun dun DUN!

Flash forward a week, and here I am, writing this blog.

My name is Chloe Quintana and I’m interning in the creative department for the summer. For starters, I’m a last semester senior at Fresno State pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I’m interested in social media and how businesses utilize it to reach their consumers; I know it’s MUCH more than just slapping a photo online and calling it a day.

Being here for all of five seconds, I already got a mouthful of what a creative agency works on from day-to-day. The Boss, Bruce, took me to a client meeting where the agenda was jam packed. We began by going over a new website design and ended with a celebratory shot of whiskey for making it through four hours of pure business. Kidding, kidding, but it was cool to see how even the smallest of details (like whether to hang a poster using tape) can affect branding. Yeah, we went there.

I also learned that an Account Executive is responsible for walking the clients through strategy and a source of communication between the client and creatives at JSA. They’re like the captain of a ship, directing the crew and making sure everyone aboard is happy.

I can already tell the culture at Jeffrey Scott is very different from your typical office. There are no cubicles, an occasional dance party, a baby in a walker some days, a puppy running rampant on Fridays, and of course, hard work. Oh, and the creatives dress casual—like jeans-t-shirt (or a unicorn costume if you’re into that, but thankfully no one is) casual. Why stop the creativity at the dress code?

Overall, it was a good first week. Something different is happening each day. It’s a lot to take in, like all those times I attempted a cram sesh of 17 chapters two hours before an exam—but way more exciting. I’m looking forward to learning more about everything JSA has to offer and taking you along for the ride. See ya next Monday!

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