SEO Keywords

You Are Here: Carving out your Space on the Internet with SEO

Posted: November 3, 2017 by Angela Corbett

SEO Keywords

If you’re as nihilistic as I am, then in this big wide world, and on the big wide internet, you feel like a tiny little speck, floating in the abyss. You’re only one person. Your voice is so small. Why is the world so lonely? Downward spiral.

How will anyone ever know who and what your business is? How will your target audience ever find you—their unbeknownst soulmate?

For people, there’s Tinder. And for your business, there’s SEO (thankfully, because it’s much more pleasant, and involves much less unsolicited nudity, than online dating).

SEO is what magically makes your business appear as a result in search engines. And keywords are the words you should be using in your website copy to help people find you—the right people. And you can figure out which keywords to use the same way you’d learn how to brew your own beer or, heaven help you, make kambucha: research. Keyword research is the one time typing words into a box can really help you out (very much unlike Web MD, in which every search makes your life flash before your eyes).

The keywords you’re using should obviously be relevant to your website. Start by asking questions like: Is this keyword relevant to my business? Will searchers find what they’re looking for on my website if they search this keyword? Will this traffic help me reach a specific goal or result in a financial reward?

Yes? Then, pass go.

A good way to test a keyword is to type it into your Google search bar. What comes up when you search your keywords? Is it relevant to your business?

It’s also important to understand that once you’ve picked the right keyword(s), either through some good old fashioned trial and error, or using some fancy Google Ad words, you still have to create actual content surrounding the keywords.

Google does not take kindly to people trying to hijack SEO. Trying to hide “invisible” keywords in the background, or just adding your keywords in as much as possible like a frantic college student trying to reach a word count, will not work. And in many cases, if the bots crawling your website find that you’re trying to cheat, they’ll demote (or even completely remove) your website from search results.

If you’re really wet behind the ears in this whole “website keyword” thing, there are even add-ons and plugins you can add to say, your WordPress site to make your life easier.

If we’re still using the SEO-as-business-Tinder metaphor, a plugin like Yoast is sort of like a matchmaker. It analyzes your content, and then, well, judges it. Through a very simple color-coding system, you learn whether your content and keywords are, “red” and kinda suck, or if they’re “green” good to go and make you the most eligible bachelor-webpage out there.

Ok maybe the metaphor is a bit played out.

The point is, just like finding the right someone, finding the right keywords can be complicated. And creating good content is even more complicated.

But you don’t have to go at it alone – that’s why we here at JSA have hired (and pay!) a team of people to do it for you. And we’re pretty good at it.

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