The One With All the Resolutions

Posted: December 29, 2017 by Angela Corbett


2017 is drawing ever closer to a close, and that means only one thing.

No, not that your family is finally going back from whence they came.

But that you’re going to make a list of New Year’s Resolutions. And, with any luck, you’ll keep them.

The folks here at Jeffrey Scott are a motivated bunch, so our president figured it’d be fun to see what everyone’s resolutions are for the New Year!

And who am I to tell our president that he’s wrong?

What are my Resolutions? Well, I want to read more books and spend less money.

I’m also going to try, as I do every year, to eat healthier. Ooh, but I’ll be turning 21 in February and as I have several groups of people excited to celebrate with me for that one, I expect I’ll be eating a lot of good food… and that resolution will get torpedoed as soon as it starts.

(What? You thought I was gonna get super drunk? Who do you think I am?)

Anyway, what’s everyone else resolved to do?

Chris Nieto, Account Coordinator: As for the resolutions–My goal is to do at least 2,000 miles on my bike this year. I’m not at Bruce’s level who will eclipse 3,000 this year.  

Maison Kaprielian, Account Coordinator: Travel to a different country, buy a bike (and actually use it!) learn to line dance, and read a new book every two weeks!

Jennifer Seita, Account Manager: To unplug more often… less time on electronics and to be more present!

Art Pineda, Web Developer: Lose 20lb and take up body building (again).

Montanna Tilton, Web Developer:
1    Drink more water
2    Pet more dogs
3    Have more fun!

Kerry Sabbatini, Media Buyer: Eat better, stay active, and spend more time with my family.

Linda Sommers, Media Buyer: Increase the occasions at the gym more than 1x/week. Build muscle and go for tone!!!

Julie Garcia, Digital Media Buyer: Mine is to de-clutter my house before the summer hits. So if anybody is a collector of antique furniture, cameras, wood and auto tools, or half-full cans of wood stain, HMU!

Alex Garcia, Social Media Manager:
1   Focus on my travel blog content and social media
2   Spend more time outdoors
3   Be kinder to others and to myself
4   Travel to at least one new country – Portugal, here I come!

Jessie Irwin, Creative Director: What’s my New Year’s Resolution? … You’ll see.

(Author’s Note: *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN*)

Craig Cook, Copywriter: My New Year’s Resolution is to buy a new house closer to the boys’ school.

(Author’s Note: Awwww.)

Duran Hernandez, Graphic Designer: I don’t have New Year’s Resolutions, because much like Mary Poppins, I’m (practically) perfect in every way.

Kevin Dakin, Graphic Designer: Save up enough money to afford my 2019 wedding… apparently, weddings are expensive.

Patricia Popescu, Production Manager: Learn how to cook (aka eat healthier aka lose weight), and to learn how to fly.

Cynthia Fidel, Director of Client and Digital Services: Add a pygmy goat and a new paint horse yearling to the farm.

Naturally this must be accomplished during the 6 months Matthew will be deployed to Langley starting January 13th, so I have to reach my goal by July 1st, to be safe. 

(Author’s Note: I… I might’ve had to Google what a “Pygmy Goat” was. New Resolution: Learn more about farm animals.)

Shantel Maiorana, Controller: To be loving to the new dog that we’re getting for our boys… dogs are not my favorite… they’re smelly.

(Author’s Note: Yeah… just talked to Moose about this… he’s pretty hurt.)

Wendy Batti, CFO: To rock “Mother-of-the-Bride” like nobody’s business!

(Author’s Note: YES, QUEEN!)

As for the agency? Well we’ve resolved to be more awesome in the New Year, which is going to be a challenge for us, since we’re already pretty great.

But if you want to hold us accountable, make sure to follow us into 2018 — we hear it’s gonna be a great year!

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