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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (For Holiday Ads)

Posted: December 22, 2017 by Angela Corbett

The holiday season is a weird and wonderful time where we take a kinder view on everything, even commercials. Heck, some of our most beloved holiday traditions actually started as advertisements, like our modern depiction of Santa Claus (thanks, Coca-Cola!) to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (who began his life as a Montgomery Ward department store mascot.)

I don’t consider it “The Christmas Season” unless I’ve seen the Hershey’s Kisses Bell commercial on TV.

You know the one. They’re little Hershey’s Kisses that are organized to look like a Christmas tree. They play a little handbell chorus of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” It’s exactly 15 seconds long, and as of 2017, has been on the air for 28 years.

Which means that it’s literally been on TV for every Christmas Season that I’ve been alive.

So in the holiday spirit, I went around the office and asked: “What commercial gets you in the holiday spirit?”

Personally, while Christmas to me comes in the form of tiny, tear-drop shaped chocolates, I’m also particularly fond of the 2016 Heathrow Bears commercial, which features two little teddy bears and their adventures in traveling home for Christmas. Awww.

Chris Nieto, Account Services: That Campbell’s Soup Snowman ad, circa 1993, in which a chilly snowman comes inside for a warm meal, and Campbell’s soup melts him, revealing a cute twist.

Kerry Sabbatini, Media Buyer: The NFL Shop’s Chiefs-Raiders commercial, featuring a couple arguing over whether or not the husband is allowed to wear an Oakland Raiders jersey to Christmas Dinner. And as it turns out, wearing the jersey was a very bad idea.

Julie Garcia, Digital Media Buyer: This tear-jerker Macy’s/Chanel ad about a young girl who buys her mother cologne for Christmas. Yes, you read that right, cologne. And well, I don’t want to spoil the twist.

Craig Cook, Copywriter: Also a fan of the NFL Shop’s Chiefs-Raiders commercial. Another couple that stand out are this Edeka Commercial about how the only things that bring families together are weddings, and of course, funerals, and this Apple Commercial, a modern classic about a son’s family Christmas video.

(Author’s Note: Those last two are MAJOR tear jerkers. Jeez. I’m not crying, you are.)

Angela Corbett, Copywriter: Allegro’s “English For Beginners.” in which an elderly Polish man learns English for a very special someone.

Patricia Popescu, Production Manager: The 2017 Heathrow Bears Commercial! If you haven’t seen it, the Heathrow Bears came back! And this time, we get to see their origin story.

(Author’s Note: UGH! I LOVE THIS ONE. These are so cute!)

Cat Figura, Director of Operations: Of course, our EECU “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Tree” ad!

Cynthia Fidel, Director of Account Services and Digital Services: The Pillsbury Dough Boy with Santa Claus, which is to the classic adorable Pillsbury Doughboy fare, but with a Christmassy twist.

Suzanne Davis, Art Director: Walmart’s “It’s Raining Men” December 24 pickup commercial… need I say more on this one? Also the Macy’s “Perfect Gift, Wrong Size” commercial—boy sees cute girl working in store, and mom buys him all the wrong sizes so he can exchange them… wink, wink.

Duran Hernandez. Graphic Designer: Apple’s “Holiday — Sway” commercial. She real cute. A woman dances to Sam Smith, and makes a friend in the process.

Kevin Dakin, Graphic Designer: Create Wonder in Your World from HP’s Reinvent Giving campaign. The storytelling and cinematography are wonderful – all without a word of dialogue. And he can’t leave out the 90-second spot from M&M’s titled Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel because it brings him back to his childhood when the original spot aired.

Well, there you have it! There’s our Christmas list!

From all of us at Jeffrey Scott, whether you’re on the naughty or nice list, we hope you all have a very happy holiday! And we’ll see you in the new year!

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