Lauren Ruh: Queen of Events.

Posted: November 26, 2018 by Kiku Gross


Some girls spend their childhoods planning their dream wedding.

What dress they’re going to wear, who they’re going to invite, where it’s going to be, every little detail, right down to what flavor icing is going to be in the second layer of the third tier of their wedding cake.

I was not one of those girls.

To this day, I can barely plan to wear matching socks before I run out of my house, let alone figure out the logistics of planning a whole event. Moreover, I’m wildly lackadaisical — all cake, to me, is the same. All shades of blue can be described as… well… blue. If there are extra chairs, there are extra chairs. And no. I will never notice if the kerning of a font is off, or if one balloon streamer… thingy isn’t even with the other.

But luckily, not everyone is like me. In fact, there are some people out there who notice all those things. Who can tell you the difference between “triple fudge” and “black forest chocolate.” Who will insist that Tiffany Blue, Teal, and Robin’s Egg are all distinctly different shades. Who can plan an event down to the second, who will ensure that every invitation is identical, who will give you exactly two-inch ribbon curls, every time.

There are people in the world who are like Lauren Ruh.

I’ve seen her put together invisible jets, pull together Art Hops with minutes to spare, and pull off Hollywood-level commercial shoots, all without smudging her eyeliner.

Naturally, being an event planner of her caliber means that she’s got a lot of tricks—and weird contacts—up her sleeve, like, you know, a biker, a guy who looks like a wizard, mariachi bands, makeup artists, aerial performers, zookeepers, and uh, someone who has access to a baby lamb.

This last October was Lauren’s busiest month yet—and it was one for the books. Specifically, for someone like me who sits in a dark room and types at a computer all day, I have to say, it’s impressive.

So what does it take to be the Events Queen herself, Lauren Ruh?

Starting at the beginning of every month (yes, every month) is an Art Hop. In October, Lauren was responsible for getting over 20 local creatives to carve or decorate a pumpkin. That Art Hop, like all the others, Lauren got the tables, the keg, the food, and the signage. Oh, and there has to be music, too.

Then, she spearheaded the Storyland Happily Ever After Party. That event had 600+ attendees over both parks, and Lauren was responsible for all of it. That includes event design, raffling, tables, decorations, a silent auction, food, alcohol (getting the actual drinks and the liquor license), ticket distribution, AND donations. Phew.

Think she gets a break just yet? Incorrect.

Immediately after, Lauren helped put together a Chukchansi shoot. There were robes to buy, a set to build, and a throne to rent.

Suddenly, it was time for the Big Tell on October 19. Lauren got all of the rentals, took care of vendors and event styling, decided what was on the TVs at all times, made sure sound was good, worked with the DJ, and made sure that the sponsors were properly recognized—and then there was a red carpet event, a VIP party caterer and an After Party to go with it.

After that was the 200 person Central Valley Higher Education Consortium Summit that connects leaders in the educational world to discuss issues in the educational world today, from pre-k to College. There was also that High-Speed Rail District Master Plan open house.

And in the end?

“I get to actually see the things I do come to life,” Lauren says, “I see people’s reactions to my work, like when people are taking photos and having a good time. And no matter what, it always ends up coming together thanks to my team. It definitely takes a village.”

Aw. Lauren. You’re a superstar.

Well, that, and who doesn’t love a good party?



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